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Babysitter Safety
As a babysitter YOU have ultimate responsibilty over the household and any child within while the parents are gone. Before the parents leave for the evening plan ahead and have the parents provide you with emergency contact information. Protect yourself and the children you are watching against fire by taking simple precautions.
Be familar with the home, know all the exits, learn how to unlock doors and windows, and be familar with two different ways out of every room
All households should have an emergecny meeting place outside where everyone gathers during a fire. Don't confuse the children, stick with the families escape plan
Ensure that the adults have provided you with Emergency Contact Information, and carry it in your pocket, you will not have time to look for that information during an emergency
Plan Your Escape:
Every household should have an escape plan. Before the adults leave discuss with them their households fire escape plan.
Be Home Smart
Ensure all matches and lighters are put away and out of site
After the parents leave, LOCK the doors and windows
If you have permission to cook:
O Never leave cooking unattended
O Set a timer to remind you to turn everything off
O Turn pot handles in to prevent spilling hot liquids
O Use a microwave safely. Never place anything into a microwave unless you are certain that it is microwave safe. Do not place metals and aluminum foil in a microwave. Handle all contents carefully, they will be HOT!
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