The Staunton Volunteer Fire Department / Staunton Fire Protection District in Staunton, Illinois, has been an integral part of our community since 1923. The Staunton Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1923 by the city of Staunton and operated a single apparatus that protected the corporate limits of Staunton. Today, the Staunton Fire Protection District is a special service district governed by a three person board of directors which operates six apparatus, an ATV, and two trailers and cover a 32 square mile response area.

The SFPD has been and continues to be all volunteer response organization that continues to meet the needs of our growing community. Throughout the years, the SFPD volunteers have done whatever is necessary to ensure the quality of fire and rescue services to the resident of our response area. Our volunteers not only respond to incidents but also attend on and off-site training, conduct equipment and apparatus maintenance, conduct public education and public relations activities, conducting pre-planning and disaster planning activities, conduct fundraising events, and participate in many other community activities. Annually our volunteers provide over 11,000 of volunteer service to our community. These volunteers receive absolutely no pay for their services. These extraordinary volunteers have and will continue to be the backbone of our organization.

The Staunton Fire Protection District strives to provide the necessary services to our residents in the most cost effective manner. Our professional volunteer responders have worked diligently to implement key programs such as automatic mutual aid, rural dry hydrant installations, and technical rescue and haz mat response programs. Our personnel are always ready to conduct fire and safety presentations to any groups/organizations within our district. We want to work with our residents to help prevent fires and accidents before they happen.

In order to continue to provide high quality services to the residents of our area, we would like to ask for the assistance of our local residents. Local residents can support the SFPD in several ways. First, residents can support us financially by supporting any SFPD related tax referendums and our fundraising activities. Secondly, residents are asked to follow established fire prevention and safety guidelines to ensure their personal safety, their familiesí safety and the safety of their neighbors. Finally, local residents are encouraged to consider becoming an SFPD volunteer, whether it be as a volunteer firefighter or as fire corps member who provides other essential volunteer support services to the department operations.

The volunteers of the Staunton Fire Protection District are very proud to serve the residents of our district. We encourage residents to provide us feedback on the quality of our services and also on how we can provide better services. We encourage residents to stop by the fire station to visit us (we train every Monday evening), call us at 618-635-2139, or drop us a note at 215 South Wood Street, Staunton, IL 62088. Remember your SFPD volunteers are always there, because we care! Stay safe.


Rick Haase
Fire Chief
Staunton Fire Protection District
Staunton Fire  Protection District
'Serving The Citizens of Staunton and surrounding areas since 1923'
618-635-2139   |   Fire Department Non-Emergency
T. Satfko 1923-1929, 1935
E. Rahm 1929-1934
H. Kuehnen 1936-1951, 1954 - 1955
R. Vehger 1952-1953
G. Costa 1956-1960
C. Stemploski 1961-1974
L. Lovejoy 1975-1986
T. Kolkovich 1987-1989
R. Dustman 1990-1993
D. Mayfield 1994-1996
R. Haase 1997 - present
Past Fire Chiefs of the
Staunton Volunteer
Fire Department