Staunton Fire  Protection District
'Serving The Citizens of Staunton and surrounding areas since 1923'
618-635-2139   |   Fire Department Non-Emergency
Is your Address Visable to Emergencey Personel?
The Staunton Fire Protection District is asking for your help.
Ensure your house number is clearly visiable from the road.
Did you know that approximatley 84% of all fatal fires burn for 10 minutes or more before the fire department is notified.
Residences and Apartments
Rural Addresses
Ensure House Numbers are 4 inches Tall
Directly on your house, apartment, or garage
Post on your mailbox or curb
Ensure the address is visiable from the road
All lettering must be at least 4 inches high
Post your address at the start of your driveway
Ensure your numbers are visible at night
Keep all vegetation aware from address
Visible up to 150 feet from ALL angles
Can be seen at night, consider lighted or reflective numbers
Ensure all numbers are unobstructed from bushes and decorations
How to properly display your house number: