Staunton Fire  Protection District
'Serving The Citizens of Staunton and surrounding areas since 1923'
618-635-2139   |   Fire Department Non-Emergency
    Pump 2,000 gallons of water per minute and
    Carries 1000 gallons of water.
    Carries of crew of 5 firefighters
    Vehicle inventory includes the following equipment:
        4 - Self-contained breathing apparatus and tanks
        1000 gallon per minute master stream monitor,
        Over 10 different nozzles,
        Over 20 different adapters,
        Three different types of ladders,
        Over 10 forcible entry tools,
        25 gallons of foam
        foam eductors and Class A foam system
        Over 2,000 feet of various hose size
        Ventilation fan
        Chain saw
        4 Kw Generator and portable lights
        Medical equipment including trauma bag, AED and backboards

2007 Pierce Pumper (Engine 4912)