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In order to better respond to community emergencies the Staunton Fire Department has started a Fire Corps program, which gives community members an opportunity to support the Staunton Fire Protection District. Fire Corps citizen-advocates bring specialized skills to help in non-emergency activities, such as administration and logistics, computer support services, fundraising/special events coordination, radio dispatch, photography services, or maintenance operations which helps to expand their fire department s productivity and resources.

Fire Corps was developed in cooperation with the International Association of Fire Chiefs  Volunteer and Combination Officers Section, the International Association of Fire Fighters and the National Volunteer Fire Council.

There is a distinct difference between the Fire Corps citizen-advocates and the volunteer firefighters of the Staunton Fire Protection District. Fire Corp members can not fill in for first responders unless they have completed the required training and pass the appropriate requirements.

The Staunton Fire Protection Districts wants to encourage people throughout the community to help them make the community safer and more prepared. Fire Corps have been successful in many other departments across the country, and with the communities help we can have a successful Corp right here in Staunton.

If you are somebody you know would be interested in joining the Fire Corps program within the Staunton Fire Protection District please contact Chief Rick Haase at 618-635-2139 ext 22. For more information, please contact the Chief or visit the National Fire Corps website at

Ready to become a member of the Staunton Fire Corps? Download an application here
Staunton Fire Department Fire Corp Program