Staunton Fire  Protection District
'Serving The Citizens of Staunton and surrounding areas since 1923'
618-635-2139   |   Fire Department Non-Emergency
Help your Volunteer Fire Department Help You...

The Staunton Fire Protection District is an all-volunteer department. The personnel receive absolutely no pay for any of the time they spend responding to emergencies, training, maintaining equipment or fundraising. These dedicated men and their families make many sacrifices to make the Staunton area a safer place to live.  Since we are all volunteer we need your help to ensure that your fire department is able to respond to an emergency in a timely manner.  You never know it may be your home or a loved one we are responding to aid.

You can help your volunteer fire department by:
Going to the RIGHT for emergency lights and sirens
- When emergency vehicles are responding to an emergency, please yield the right-of-way. Pull your vehicle to the right shoulder and
         allow all emergency vehicles to clear the area. Do not follow the emergency vehicles and do not park your car anywhere near the
         scene of an emergency
- Volunteers are allowed to respond to calls with blue flashing lights on their vehicles, though not required by law, please pull off to the
   RIGHT allowing the volunteer to respond in a timely manner, you never know it may be your home or loved one they are responding to
Ensure all fire hydrants are clear of trash and debri
Ensure your home and address are clearly visiable for the roadway
Make sure every member in your household understands and follows the fire escape plan
Support your fire departments fund-raising activities
- The fire department is involved in different fundraising activities including their annual Fourth of July celebration, pork steak dinner,
         and golf tournament. Every donation from the generous people of Staunton is greatly appreciated by the department and is put to use
         by helping them purchase new equipment
Tell your volunteers how much you appreciate them
- A few kind words to your local volunteers go a long way. The firefighters sacrifice a lot of their free time to make our area a
          safer place to live.  A word of thanks or a kind word on a job well done is always appreciated
Become a volunteer fire fighther yourself...interested?  CLICK HERE