Staunton Fire  Protection District
'Serving The Citizens of Staunton and surrounding areas since 1923'
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Today the Staunton Fire Protection District continues its long tradition of volunteer service to the citizens we protect. You can call it a sense of commitment to the community, whatever the reason the members of the

Staunton Fire Protection District

will provide the best fire and rescue service.
Prior to February 2, 1923 the City of Staunton, IL was protected by citizens who were willing to respond to City Hall and pull the hose cart to the scene of the fire, at the time there was no designated leader
On February 2, 1923 by the vote of Mayor Paul D. Weiss, the Staunton Volunteer Fire Department was formed, Tony Safko was appointed the first chief of the department. Initially 20 members signed up to volunteer their time
In 1977 it was determined that the existing tax system would not keep up with the growing demands of the fire deparment. During March 1978, the voters of the City of Staunton and surrounding areas voted for creation of the Staunton Fire Protection District. Also during this time the Staunton Area Ambulance Service was formed
In 1984 the fire department created an agreement with the City of Staunton to add three bays onto the fire station to meet the expanding needs of the department
During Chief Kolvich's tenture, 1987 - 1989, the department expanded training and rescue operations programs, developed the department's first public education program, and started the Junior Firefighther program.
August 7, 1994 - Staunon Fire and 13 surrounding departments reponded and battled a large fire at the Staunton High School
2001 - Chief Haase honored as the Illinois Volunteer Fire Chief of the year by the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association
During 2002, the Fire Protection District began design and construction of a new fire station
May 4, 2003 - The new fire station was dedicated
Proudly Serving for Over 85 Years