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Do Juniors Respond to Emergency Calls?
Junior Firefigthers (in black) participating in a house burn training exercise along with members of other mutual-aid departments
Requirments to be a Jr. Firefigther with the Staunton Fire Protection District:
Residency in the Staunton Fire Protection District
Age 16-19 (age 12 if you have direct family relationship to dept.)
Maintain adequate grades in school
Meet all requirments as outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws
Attend a minimum of 12 training sessions per year
Junior firefighters shall follow the orders of Senior Firefighters or Officers
The Staunton Fire Protection District Junior Firefighter Program allows young people from the ages of 16 to 19 years of age to actively participate in fire department activities. Over the past 10 years, over 20 different youths have participated in the Junior Firefighter Program. Almost half of the youths who participated in the program have joined the Staunton Fire Department as regular firefighters when they reached the age of 19.

What kind of activities do members of the Junior Firefighter Program do?

Junior Firefighters are considered support members of the Staunton Fire Protection District, but they are allowed to take part in many fire department activities. Junior Firefighters attend fire department training sessions, assist with maintenance operations, assist with fund raising activities, assist in public education functions, attend departmental functions and meetings, and are allowed to respond to specific types of incidents and perform support roles at incident scenes.

Junior Firefighters receive extensive opportunities to take part in fire department operations under controlled conditions. Junior Firefighters have attended state and nationally certified training programs. Part of any Junior Firefighter training involves skills such:

    Operation of pumping apparatus
    Operation of rescue tools
    Self-contained breathing apparatus operation and maitance

A junior firefighter is an essential and beneficial role available to youth within the Staunton Fire Protection District
What benefits do members of the Junior Firefighter Program receive?

Youths who participate in the Junior Firefighter Program receive many different benefits. Besides learning new skills, they develop new friendships, are frequently faced with new challenges, able to serve their community, and develop future job skills.

As a Junior Firefighter, you will also receive departmental uniforms and personal protective equipment. Junior Firefighters are invited to attend all department social functions which include the annual dinner dance, picnics, and sporting events. At the age of 19, and upon completion of high schoo,l a Junior Firefigther may apply to become a regualar firefigther within the department, when they apply their application will be moved to the top of the list for consideration.
Junior Firefigthers can respond in a non-emergency mode, they will not be able to use a blue light on their vehicle and must abide by all traffic laws
They are allowed to perform support related duties outside the hot zone of an incident
They will not respond to rescue incidents or an emergency outside of the Staunton Fire Protection District
If you would like to join, Click Here, and then come speak with any member of the Staunton Fire Department