Staunton Fire  Protection District
'Serving The Citizens of Staunton and surrounding areas since 1923'
618-635-2139   |   Fire Department Non-Emergency
The Staunton Fire Protection District is part of MABAS Division 35.   Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) is a statewide organization of over 550 agencies that have the capability to work together when a disaster strikes.  Many members of MABAS 35 have specialized equipment that any other member of MABAS 35 can call upon for assistance during incidents or disasters.  Division 35 is made up of 39 agencies in Madison County, 3 in Macoupin County, and 1 in Jersey County.  Beyond the existing mutual-aid agreements that already exist, SFPD can call upon any member of MABAS 35 when more resources are needed.   The Staunton Fire District houses a portable light bar at their station that can be utilized by any member within MABAS 35 or if requested by the State of Illinois.
1100-1199  Mitchell Fire
1200-1299  Collinsville Fire
1300-1399  Edwardsville Fire
1400-1499  Godfrey Fire
1500-1599  Highland Fire
1600-1699  Cottage Hills Fire
1700-1799  Rosewood Heights Fire
1800-1899  Alton Fire
1900-1999  Glen Carbon Fire
2000-2099  Troy Fire
2100-2199  Long Lake Fire
2200-2299  Bethalto Fire
2300-2399  Fosterburg Fire
2400-2499  Maryville Fire
2500-2599  Roxana Fire
2600-2699  St. Jacob Fire
2700-2799  Hamel Fire
2800-2899  Marine Fire
2900-2999  Grantfork Fire
3000-3099  Prairietown Fire
3100-3199  South Roxana Fire
3200-3299  Alhambra Fire
3300-3399  Holiday Shores Fire
3400-3499  Worden Fire
3500-3599  Meadowbrook Fire
3600-3699  Olive (Livingston) Fire
3700-3799  Dorsey Fire
3800-3899  Hartford Fire
3900-3999  New Douglas Fire
4000-4099  Highland-Pierron Fire
4100-4199  QEM Fire
4200-4299  Wood River Fire
4300-4399  East Alton Fire
4400-4499  Granite City Fire
4500-4599  Madison Fire
4600-4699  Venice Fire
4700-4799  Fire Arson Task Force
4800-4899  Brighton Fire
4900-4999  Staunton Fire
5000-5099  Conoco-Phillips Fire
5100-5199  Olin Fire
5200-5299  State Park Fire
5300-5399  Madison County HAZMAT Team
5400-5499  Bunker Hill Fire
5500-5599  Mt Olive Fire
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