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SFPD Contolled Burn Policy
Unattended burning is a major cause of brush fires.  Additionally unattended burning can be the cause of structure fires.  To try to deal with problems associated with unattended burning, the Staunton Fire Protection District initiated a program aimed at decreasing the number of fires caused by uncontrolled burning.  This program, which began in August of 1997, affects all residents of the Staunton Fire Protection District.
Burning of stubble fields or other types of farm fields
Burning of large brush piles
Burning of large amounts of wood or construction materials (requires an EPA burn permit)
Burning of any type of unwanted structures such as derelict houses, storage buildings, etc. (requires an EPA burn permit)
Burning of any types of materials which will produce large amounts of smoke
No controlled burn should take place in areas where the fire could extend to adjacent structures or adjacent woods or timber land.  Extreme caution should be used during the dry periods of the year
All controlled burns will be conducted during daylight hours only
The controlled burn area must be attended during the entire burning process
The controlled burn area must properly prepared to ensure the materials to be burned do not spread to adjacent areas
All controlled burns of construction materials and unwanted structures must meet the permitting and requirements of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
The controlled burn should only include uncontaminated class A materials (wood, paper, etc.).  The burning of hazardous materials is forbidden
The controlled burn should be conducted in such a way as to limit the amount of smoke produced
Appropriate equipment should available in case the fire gets out of control.  This includes rakes, shovels, buckets of sand or water, or a garden hose
If the controlled burn does get out of control or leaves the property, the Staunton Fire Protection District will respond and extinguish not only the out of control fire, but also the controlled burn area
Resident's within the Staunton Fire Protection District must contact the Fire Department at least 3 days prior to the controlled burn.

Controlled Burns may Include:
When contacting the Fire Department (618-635-2139), leave a call back number,
the fire deparment may need more information
During the Conrolled Burn the Following must be Followed: