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Poison Control and Prevention
Keep all products in their original containers with their original labels
Store products in a place where children cannot reach them
Every time you use a product, read the label and follow the directions
Never call a medicine candy or make a game out of taking it

Is Your Family Safe from Poison in the Home?

Safety Tips Around the Home

Store all cleaning products where children can not reach them
Never store medications on the counter, stove top, table, or any other place where children can get ahold of it
Teach children to ask first before eating something they are not familiar with
Never mix different chemicals
Ensure all perfumes, cologne, and make-up are out of reach of children
Never take medications in the dark
Living Room:
Destroy expired medications by flushing them down the toliet, then rinse out the bottle and throw it away
Store medications in places that children can not reach
Do not allow children to play with or handle beauty products, store out of reach
Never take someone else's medications
Clean up peeling paint from walls and windows
Learn names of plants in the home, if they are poisons have them removed
Keep all cigars, cigarettes, lighters and matches where children can not reach them. Ensure all ashtrays are empty
Never leave out alcoholic drinks. Ensure they are locked up
Laundry Room:
Keep soap, detergent, bleach, and air fresheners out of reach of children
Rinse empty bottles before recycling them
Store products for the car and yard in a locked cabinet or a place that children can not reach
Never use your mouth to siphon gasoline or other chemicals
Garage and Outdoors:
Call the Poison Control Center

Skin Contact:
Leave the area immediately and get to fresh air
Help others out of the area, always ensure that you do not become a victim yourself
Spot the Poison
Poison Maze
Break the Code
Match the Poison in the Home
Medicine Safety Word Find
All items are property of the Illinois Poison Control Center , which assumes full control for these items
First Aid/Treatment
If the person is unconscious call 911

Never make a person vomit, drink milk, or practice any other home remedies or treatments
Removing clothing
If a dust brush off
Gentle wash in soap & water
Remove contact lenses
Rinse eye(s) in water for 15min
Activities for Kids
Online Games for Kids to Play