Staunton Fire  Protection District
'Serving The Citizens of Staunton and surrounding areas since 1923'
618-635-2139   |   Fire Department Non-Emergency

    Carries of crew of 7 firefighters.
    The vehicle inventory includes the following equipment:
        5 - Self-contained breathing apparatus
        Two different types of ladders
        Over 10 forcible entry tools
        Miscellaneous hand tools
        Electric and battery operated saws and drill
        Salvage and overhaul supplies
        Floating portable pump
        3 - Ventilation fans
        2 Chain saws
        2 Rescue saws
        8 Kw Generator and portable lights
        4 Bottle cascade system
        4 Gas Analyzer
        Rapid intervention team kit
        Hydraulic rescue tool system with spreaders, cutters and rams
        Air bag set
        Large inventory of cribbing
        Water rescue equipment including PFDs, throw bags, life ring, and ice rescue suits
        Confined space rescue equipment including ropes, tripod, and harnesses
        Haz mat response equipment including special PPE and patching equipment
        Medical equipment including trauma bag, portable oxygen, AED and backboards
1994 Road Rescue (Squad 4951)